Good Practice Examples C3


A new kind of blue

A New Kind of Blue is a Berlin based design studio looking for locally embedded solutions to global problems with the starting point in circular economy. The studio is founded by material and product designer Tim van der Loo and Techno-Anthropologist Sandra Nicoline Nielsen. They strive towards rethinking the notion and aesthetics of recycled materials and creating truly circular product life cycles.

Kreativ Salon Magdeburg

Kreativ Salon Magdeburg is part of the Integrated Development Concept of the City of Magdeburg. That includes the promotion of culture and creative industries as one of the major local business development priorities. Twice a year, the mayor invites Magdeburg’s business and CCI communities to showcase creative ideas and products around a specific theme


TIFF – Transylvania International Film Festival

Founded in 2002, in the town of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania IFF has grown rapidly to become the most important film-related event in Romania and one of the most spectacular annual events in the region.

The main goal is the promotion of cinematic art by presenting some of the most innovative and spectacular films of the moment that feature both originality and independence of expression, that reflect unusual cinematic language forms or focus on current trends in youth culture.

Arkhai Sculpture Park

ERNŐ BARTHA is a nationally and internationally recognized plastic artist, with exhibitions in the following countries: Romania, Hungary, France, Serbia, Italy and England. The artist transformed a land previously used for agriculture until it reached the current phase, on his own means and resources.

The purpose is to create a multicultural centre, which will give the possibility of organizing artistic, cultural, educational events and supporting young artists at the beginning of their career.


Being an entrepreneur in the creative industries is not easy. Two former students of the Technical College ”Anghel Saligny” have decided, some years after graduating, to manage their own companies: Bogdan Oros is the owner of PIXGRA.COM, a company that helps other companies to become more present on the market by branding and rebranding; Daniela Ster is the owner of an interior design company (ELLA DESIGN INTERIOR), concerned with renovating and inventing new, modern spaces in old buildings.


Creativity through history: Venice and Glass of Murano

Creativity and arts have always been an indissoluble pair in history and Italian heritage is the result of this “partnership”. The art of glass of Murano can be an example of how creativity can be used in the job’s market. The art of the glass famous all over the world has been one of the main economic resources for a region for centuries and gave the possibility to people in disadvantage to use their creativity for their socio and economic development. Migrants and refugees fleeing from wars started this century-old tradition that arrives to these days. It is important to remember how the creativity sector flourished through history and gave the chance to people in disadvantage to find their spot in the world.

Creative entrepreneurship & inclusion in 15th Century – Venice


Two brothers living in Turkey, one was in advertising and the other was a furniture maker. Combining these two professions, they formed a company. They combined the mastery of one's furniture making and the other's advertising and marketing skills. Thus, they created a large factory and family business. The company has increased its product range with personalized designs.

A member of the family of a computer engineer living in Turkey has been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors said it was too late to diagnose and there was no cure for the patient. A young computer engineer has developed an artificial intelligence computer program. He turned the program into an application. Thanks to the application, the diagnosis period, which took weeks, became 2-3 days. The data transferred to the digital area can be shared over the internet and seen by the doctor anywhere in the world.


Arts, cultural and creative sectors in Cyprus include digital literacy programmes for the creation and experimentation in cinema/audiovisual/visual arts, cultural management and performing arts.

Its goal is to disseminate the cultural heritage of fairy tales, myths and traditions from Cyprus and from all over the world.

The visitors, of the Fairy tale museum experience narrative tales, thematic exhibitions, educational programs, workshops as well as events and performances based on fairy tales.

The PLACE – Home of Arts, offers the “Meet & Experience” of the Cypriot craftspeople at work. Live demonstrations of traditional arts, wine evaluation/tasting performed by wine experts and traditional cuisine. Visitors can put hands on crafts, taste and purchase homemade food delights and local art and wine products. Unlike other handicrafts, visitors may come across, the Place houses the established traditional product shops labelled “Flavors of Cyprus” providing handcrafts in house by craftsmen, artists and home cooks.