Newsletter 04 – The Third Learning Teaching and Training Activity

Rogepa hosted in Baia Mare, Romani the third and last Learning Teaching Training Activity of the CreatiVET project. The welcoming city of Baia Mare hosted a week of workshop and activities between the 22nd and the 27 August 2022.

The LTTA was the occasion for 20 participants from the 5 partner organisation to discover more about the world of creativity.

The hosts organised different workshops and visits in the city and in the surrounding territory to show the participants from all over EU how creativity is developed and used in the creative sector in Romania. The LTTA provided the participants with the possibility to discover through work-based activities the use of creative thinking for the development of training pathways and local businesses.

All participants actively took part in the week’s programme providing their insights and experiences in the field of creativity.

On the first day the participants were introduced to the programme and to the activities organised for their stay in Baia Mare. They started reflecting on the importance the creative sector has for the social and economic development of the local communities and how creative industries have great potential for the personal and professional development of learners with disadvantages.

The second day was dedicated to discovering first-hand how the creative sector flourished in the region of Maramures. Through cultural visits and work-based activities the CreatiVET team understood how creative thinking can be used for the promotion of local communities and regions highlighting the strengths of the territory and providing the locals with the possibility to develop the local economy and tourist sector. The creative work-based activities allowed the participants to discover the uses and customs of the region thus having a particular and memorable insight into the Romanian culture.

On the third day the participants went back to Baia Mare and worked on how to enhance creative thinking and use of creativity in training and working life. The participants confronted themselves on the topic providing examples from their experiences and how creativity is used in their countries. The work continued with the participation in practical creative activities in the city, discovering the power of creativity for the personal and professional development.

The fourth day was dedicated to discovering the use of creativity in the job’s market and how creative jobs can benefit and inspire people with disadvantaged backgrounds. The CreatiVET team discovered first-hand the local creative realities through visits to local creative laboratories and businesses that provided them with an important insight into the practical use of creativity in the day-to-day life for business and economic and social development of the communities highlighting the importance of creativity in the job’s market.

In the fifth and last day of activities it was time for the participants to confront themselves on what they have learnt during the week and how the week’s activities have inspired their creative thinking and critical assessment. During the day each organisation exchanged with the team good practices in their countries relating to the use of creativity for the development of training pathways and social development. This provided the partnership with new tools and insights that will be useful for the further implementation of the CreatiVET project. The certificate ceremony at the end gave the partipants the occasion to celebrate their achievements during the week and exchange their opinions, ideas and impressions of their Romanian experience.

Watch the vlog for our third Learning Teaching and Training Activity