Newsletter 03 – The Second Learning Teaching and Training Activity

Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus hosted the second LTTA of the CreatiVET Project, which took place in Paphos, Cyprus, between the 28th March and the 1st April 2022.

In the meeting participated 20 participants from the 5 partner organizations: Germany, Romania, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus. They spent a week in Paphos developing social inclusion skills and inclusive education using creativity.

All participants actively participated during the meeting giving their contribution. On the first day the hosting organization, CCIF Cyprus, organized a tour of Paphos to show the city centre to the participants and to let them know about the history of a city with more than 5 centuries! They had the possibility to visit as well the local museum and have a look at the ancient mosaics present. In the museum there were also stations with the braille language to allow even the blind people to understand what was represented in the mosaics

The second day all the participants were guided to the Archaeological Park in an interesting and engaging visit where they were able to have a look also at the different ancient relics present in the area. They also visited the Medieval Castle and the Paphos Port to make creative photos and admire the amazing view. On this day the teams also started the workshop on creativity with different teams presenting how creativity is used in education. They presented different activities to allow teachers to teach in a different and innovative way.

The third day the hosting organization had a Workshop on a model of creative activities. The participants created different drawing to show their creativity and communicate with others. This activity was useful to better understand how to support inclusion in education in a creative way. The workshop continued with the activity of the Turkish Team, they also explained rules and methods to better include disadvantaged people in schools and in their families. The workshop ended with a discussion about the strategies and the practise from partners to develop common practices.

The Fourth day was dedicated to social media. The workshop started with the presentation of the benefit from Social Media. All participants had to participate in a discussion regarding the pros and cons of the use of social media. This first part of the workshop was held by the young Francesco. The second activity was held by the Italian Team. They presented different activities to better understand diversity and inclusion and bring awareness to the topic. Different activities were presented including a drawing activity that stimulates the creativity and shows how differences and characteristics are perceived.  During the day CCIF Cyprus presented a workshop on barriers, fears and unexpected obstacles of Social Media, key to understand in order to create true inclusion in our digital society.

The fifth and final day there was a presentation of the Good Practices of KEPLI entitled “The model of creative activities” from Youth Information Centers of Youth Board of Cyprus”. On this day the partners concluded the LTTA sharing their impressions, ideas and considerations on the week.

We are all looking forward to meeting each other and learn more about creativity in the next meetings and activities together.

Watch the vlog for our second Learning Teaching and Training Activity